Talk therapy helps people make needed changes they struggle to make on their own.
While this can be hard, especially among those who find it hard to ask for help, people who undertake therapy receive many benefits:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Improved sense of purpose
  • Reduction of relationship or career stress
  • Greater ability to regulate strong emotions
  • Reduction of feelings of shame and guilt
  • Reduced usage of substances—alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, medications
  • Reduced problematic behaviors—eating, sex, pornography, relationship obsession, shopping, hoarding, video games

At People’s Therapy of Chicago we provide individual and group psychotherapy.

Individual Psychotherapy or “Talk Therapy”

At People’s Therapy of Chicago we provide individual and group psychotherapy.
Individual psychotherapy is a 50-minute conversation that occurs weekly. Your therapist will help you get started. Generally, you will know by the third session if you’ve made the right decision and if you’re a good fit.

Individual therapy is not “analysis,” or exploring the past. It’s a specialized conversation, one that is strategic and has a beneficial impact. You will find, if you are committed, that these weekly conversations help you change in ways you’ve needed.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an excellent away to receive help with the support of others. Clients attending group therapy learn to work through painful or difficult social blocks and anxiety provoking situations with the support of others and their therapist.

Groups at People’s Therapy of Chicago are weekly, ninety-minute process groups. Clients can bring material from their lives for discussion, feedback and support and interact in real time with other members in ways that are helpful. Clients who attend group therapy become:

  • more emotionally vulnerable, 
  • competent in relationships
  • able to handle conflict constructively
  • better at asking for and receiving help
  • better at giving and receiving compliments
  • better at coming out of social isolation
  • skilled at deepening relationships
Group Therapy Office View

People’s Therapy of Chicago currently offers two groups. Both groups meet in person.

  • Mixed Gender Group, Tuesdays 6:00pm—7:30pm
  • Men’s Group, Thursdays 1:30 – 3:00pm


At least half of clients believe they have attention deficit disorder, ADD, or ADHD. Most do not. There is something about modern life that makes attention and concentration very difficult. We help you learn to relax and improve concentration.​


Many do not identify as addicts but are concerned about their drinking, drug use, eating, sex, or absence of sex, online shopping, and more. We are specialists at treating these issues.​


Anxiety occurs on a spectrum. It can indicate repressed emotions, trauma, undeveloped sense of purpose or a lack of meaning in life.​

Career Stress​

Career stress includes being unemployed, under-employed, stuck in one’s job or career, not knowing how to make changes and more.​


Depression is experienced differently: for many it is non-stop thinking, worrying and difficulty concentrating. For others it’s excessive irritability. Some have had depression for many years while others a single episodes.​

Family Stress

Family stress is a frequent topic of therapy for many people. Some families are too close, some too distant and unemotional. We help you better understand the dynamics you grew up in, how they impact you know and how to free yourself from them.​

Obsessive Behavior​​

Many people have obsessive behaviors and obsessive thinking. These can result in procrastination or feeling stuck. Obsessions can be interrupted, and alternative, healthier behavior and thinking can be learned possible.​

Relationship Stress

Relationships are a common topic of therapy. Often are troubles and suffering originates from stressful relationships. Therapy helps us learn how to have corrective experiences.​

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