People’s Therapy of Chicago serves clients who are:

  • Single, married, partnered
  • Addicted, in recovery from addictions
  • Unsure if their drinking/substance use/behavior is an issue
  • LGBTQ+
  • Professional, artistic, creative
  • Changing careers, un-employed
  • Those who feel they aren’t living up to their potential
  • Those seeking their “calling” or a sense of purpose in life
  • Those feeling lost or without direction or purpose
People's Therapy of Chicago office interior

When interested in individual or group therapy please contact us and we’ll move forward with scheduling an intake session. There is a small amount of paperwork that we can provide you ahead of time or you can complete during your initial session.

The intake session is fifty minutes during which the therapist will ask you many questions about current stressors and get to know you in general. Subsequent individual sessions are also fifty minutes long.

Clients interested in group therapy will attend three or more individual sessions with their group therapist before joining a group. This will help the therapist get to know you and your challenges. You do not need to be in individual therapy at People’s Therapy of Chicago to attend groups here.